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Friday, April 1, 2011

Casual Friday Edition-UPDATED (April Fools Day)

Highly important news hitting the wire this morning.  Former President Jimmy Carter visited Cuba's Castro brothers & then joined with them in declaring war on America.  I'll have more as this story develops.

Sorry, this one is only half right.  Carter did visit Cuba, but no call for war of course.  The Washington Post reported,
Carter sat down with revolutionary icon Fidel Castro a day after holding talks with President Raul Castro.
“We welcomed each other as old friends,” Carter said of the meeting with the 84-year-old former Cuban leader. He said Castro “seems to be in good health.”
Babalublog was more than slightly displeased with Cuba's Useful Idiot. [h/t Gateway Pundit]
During a press conference today, which came at the conclusion of his trip to communist Cuba, America’s own traveling idiot, Jimmy Carter, lived up (or down) to his reputation of being an idiot and an insensitive dolt. Bypassing ancillary issues such as the lack of freedom on the island and the enslavement of 11-million Cubans, Carter instead demanded that the U.S. release the Cuban 5. Those are the same five convicted Cuban spies who are serving prison time for espionage and the murder of four innocent American pilots who were shot down over international waters by Castro MiGs.

In Libya, Al Queda fighters are leaving Afghanistan to join the fight against Gaddafi.  NATO is now threatening to bomb the rebels.

Sorry but no joke here.  The Daily Beast writes,
As the battle for the future of Libya continues, the excitement is almost palpable among Libyan-born al Qaeda fighters and other Arabs hunkered down in Pakistan’s remote and lawless tribal area. According to Afghan Taliban sources close to Osama bin Laden’s terrorist group, some of the 200 or so Libyans operating near the Afghan border may be on their way home to steer the anti-Gaddafi revolution in a more Islamist direction.
“We have heard a number of fighters have already departed from the tribal area,” says an Afghan commander who is linked to the powerful Haqqani network, a North Waziristan-based organization that shelters many al Qaeda fighters. Others may be on their way. “Libyans and Arabs seem to be getting ready for departure and are eager to go home and fight,” says the Afghan source. “I’ve heard that some fighters are saying goodbye and giving thanks with kind words to their (Pakistani) tribal friends who have been sheltering them.”
In addition, NATO (and the Obama administration) is attempting to hit reset as it tries to protect civilians. 
“We’ve been conveying a message to the rebels that we will be compelled to defend civilians, whether pro-Qaddafi or pro-opposition,” said a senior Obama administration official. “We are working very hard behind the scenes with the rebels so we don’t confront a situation where we face a decision to strike the rebels to defend civilians.”… [h/t Hotair]

A teacher has been arrested for making death threats to the governor of Wisconsin.  The teacher is a 26yr old female, who said the governor deserved to die for his actions in curbing certain collective bargaining rights.

Not completely accurate.  The teacher, Kate Windels, was charged Thursday with two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts for making email threats against Wisconsin lawmakers, not the Governor.  And she hasn't been arrested as of yet, that I know of.  Using the fabulous CIA surveillance program Facebook, Gateway Pundit has put 2 and 2 together to find that Ms. Windels teaches pre-school and kindergarten.  Go to Hotair to read an excerpt from the emails. 

A former SEIU union leader was recorded planning the downfall of a major US bank & the entire economy.

100% true.  Go here to get the whole story.

Fimmaker Michael Moore has stated, "America is for losers!  I'm moving to Canada."

As of 6:10pm Michael Moore had yet to make this exact duo of statements.  But most of what he says dances perilously close to it.  Eventually it will slip out.

President Obama is considering a No-Fly zone over the Mexico - Arizona border.

No, but we probably should.  The violence on the Mexico side of the border has spilled into American territory and stands as a greater threat to the security of our southwest states than anything concerning Libya.  Question.  Do we need UN sanction before acting in what is definitely our vital national and security issue?

Recently, border enforcement agents have been gunned down while carrying in beanbag guns.

Our agents who may at times be working across the border are not allowed to carry actual guns, so they are being equipped with bean bag guns.  On Dec. 14, a shootout occurred after border patrol agents halted a group of armed border bandits and fired at them with bean bag guns. The bandits then opened fire with live bullets from AK-47 submachine guns, killing agent Brian Terry.  Read more at Yahoo news.

And in sports, Albert Pujols, after becoming the first player ever to hit into three double pays on opening day, has renounced his self-imposed ban on negotiations.  He has offered to sign the most recent contract offer, if 3rd base coach Jose Oquendo will remove the curse placed on him in spring training.

While Albert did indeed break new ground for double plays on opening day, he has not altered his preseason position against negotiating.  Efforts to reach Mr. Oquendo regarding the use of any 'Secret Weapon' to persuade Pujols to sign, have been unsuccessful thus far.

EPA chief in charge of air quality during hearings on Capitol Hill, explained that there was a vital need to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant.  Carbon dioxide is the primary gas that all living beings exhale during respiration.  When questioned on the current CO2 content in the atmosphere, the EPA chief said she didn't have that information at present.

Sadly, this is very true.  When Gina McCarthy, EPA chief of air programs and greenhouse gas regulations testified in a recent hearing, she was asked, and I quote it exactly in all it's splendor.
"Do you know what the level of CO2 right now is generally speaking in the atmosphere?"
Her response was,
"Well actually I don’t have that figure."
The whole point of the hearing was to discuss EPA plans to regulate CO2 emissions. 

This would be like the budget committee chairmen in a meeting to discuss cutting the deficit, being asked what the budget deficit currently is and not knowing.  Not just not knowing, but not even having a crib sheet with the info printed on it. 

When it comes to the EPA, we are the true fools for ever letting them make rules.  Shame on us.

Finally, in related news, some idiot BLOGGER is using April 1st to play a joke on his readers.  Some of the above stories are real, while others are fake.  Your job is to guess which are which.  Later in the day, I will clue you in.

I hope everyone had a wonderful April Fools Day.  I had a lot of fun with it on my Facebook profile.  But it was all in fun (and I blame my wife anyway).  If you haven't friended me on Facebook, be sure to click the link above and to the right.  (Twitter too, if you're into that sort of thing)

On a day like today, don't be afraid to have a little fun.  Too often in examining the news of the day, it could be easy to lose sight of all the fun and joy that life has to offer.  As my 7th favorite philosopher, Ferris Bueller once said,
"Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

God Bless.

** This post has been updated since it's original posting

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