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Saturday, February 11, 2012

America Lost.....?

Now that the Obama administration has formally put in place new regulations stipulating that all health insurance plans will now have contraception coverage provided for free regardless of the wishes of the purchaser of the plan, at least we can look toward one silver lining.  The Federal government no longer needs to continue funding Planned Parenthood, right?  Sure, and I have some other Obama "compromises" I'd like to tell you about.

It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment, we stopped being America, but perhaps future generations will celebrate February 10th.  On that date, it became clear that we are no longer a free people.  Coincidentally, or not, that was also the date in 2007 that one Senator Barak Obama made his announcement that he would run for President of the United States of America.  Little did we know that he would be the last one.

Thus far, this President:
  • has fired a private company's CEO
  • played Robinhood by stealing the equity of a company from it's owners and gave it to it's workers
  • had the head of the EPA to tell the American people what type of car they want to buy
  • squashed energy production which raised energy prices in an attempt to force a transformation of supply
  • mandated that every citizen purchase health insurance against their will
  • told employers what health coverage plans must be offered and set fines for employers who don't offer health coverage
  • told insurers what plans it may offer and that certain services must be offered free of charge to certain users
  • forced banks to accept modify home loans against their will
This President has continually threatened banks, auto companies, the carbon energy sector, wealthy taxpayers and corporations, as well as average citizens.  In almost every instance, Obama felt free to take action due to the need to respond to a certain crisis or imminent issue.  But this week that argument cannot be made.  There is no crisis in access to birth control; not when Wal-Mart's pharmacy will sell you a birth control pack for $12.

Today, we can no longer kid ourselves into believing that we are citizens of the United States of America - we are now her subjects.  Once upon a time, being an American citizen meant that one were free to live one's life in the full knowledge that the U.S. Constitution held certain guarantees of rights that were not given by the state and could not be taken by the state.  But as her subjects today, we see that the President believes that those limitations placed on him by our constitution are not only unnecessary, but an impediment to achieving the results he desires.

That the former state legislator who voted to allow children born alive following a botched abortion to be killed, because it was unfair that the child survived despite the intentions of the mother, has no understanding of the issue of conscience and the Freedom of Religion in the 1st amendment of the Bill of Rights should come as no surprise.  

That this former candidate, who admitted on the campaign trail that he wished to raise the capital gains tax rate despite the likelihood of a decrease in revenue out of a sense of fairness, now wants to target only certain people for a special tax on them for the sake of fairness, it could not be unexpected.
That this President, who in his recent State of the Union address stated that when Congress would not act, he would, is now using his unconstitutional Health Care reform act as a vehicle to change the relationship of government and citizen, we can no longer be shocked.

The only question I have is whether we will look back at February 10th as the day America was lost or if that was the day the American people, the Congress and the Supreme Court heard the call to action and were moved to rescue her.

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