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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Barack Obama, noted Constitutional Scholar, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, US Senator and current President of the United States of America needs to go back to school.  

He needs to take a basic freshman year American Civics course similar to what I took when I was 14.  If he were to attend that class, he would learn that roads, police and firefighters are predominantly local matters.  Instead he is out on the campaign trail attempting to justify higher federal income tax rates by arguing that small businessman can't succeed without roads, police and firefighters.  

I agree that successful businessman should be accountable for that success; and they are.  The top 10 percent pay well over half of all Federal income tax while the bottom half pays none.  But the President won't ever tell you that.  Instead he claims jurisdiction over local community issues in an attempt to blame his poor economic record on the wealthy.

The president should be sure to stop by an Intro to Economics class while he's passing through the halls.  Perhaps, he might come to understand the laws of supply and demand.  Investing sizeable amounts of our Federal revenues into Solyndra and other green investments only to watch job losses and bankruptcy ensue holds a lesson if he were willing to learn.  The government cannot create demand for a product no one wants by simply funding it into supply.

Instead he would learn that when you tax something, you get less of it and when you subsidize something, you get more of it.  Raising taxes on income means less income.  Subsidizing and extending unemployment benefits and other temporary aid gets you more unemployment and needy citizens.

Perhaps a jaunt through American History would offer him a lesson in the Founders respect for John Locke.  Locke stated that in our natural state we have the right to defend our "Life, health, Liberty and possessions".  From this natural right we form civil governments to handle this defense and other conflicts in a civil way.  In understanding Locke, Obama could come to understand that "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" means that our liberty and freedom take primacy in the government's administration and should only be abridged as accorded among the enumerated powers set forth in the constitution.

Next, a trip to science class may be helpful.  It would be great if the scientific method would make an impression on him.  So many of his policies, particularly environmental and energy related are based on science that fails under a rudimentary examination.  Anthropogenic Global Warming aka Climate Change aka Climate Disruption aka Weather continues to claim that man-made CO is radically changing our environment.  But none of their scientific models have been successful in predicting future events.  

In science, they don't just take your numbers and research and say, "Oh, that's good enough".  It must be repeatable.  When water temperature goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it freezes.  Not once, not sometimes - everytime.  But the earth has been cooling for several years and still they claim that CO is heating up the planet.  It's foolish dogma, but even worse when the president sets policy accordingly.

Shutting down coal-fired electric plants because of this nonsense is wrong.  Handing out our tax dollars to rich Hollywood actors to drive an electric car that would conceivably need coal-fired electricity to charge the battery is even worse.

Finally, let's finish off the day in Math class.  In math, we can have irrational and imaginary numbers.  Under Obama, we have irrational and imaginary policies.  Basic math would indicate changing a set of numbers to include a completely unrelated set of numbers and then calculating for the mean (average) of the enlarged set would find a different value than for the original set.  That's community rating in Obamacare.  

In the past, whatever your age, your premium was based on that.  20 year old male - cheap.  28 year old female not so cheap.  55 year old - if you gotta ask you can't afford it.

But now, we take all the people in the area and come up with one big average for everyone.  Then we tell them they have to get insurance now.  Except the 20 year old male now has to pay big bucks.  But he won't, because it's cheaper to pay the tax penalty and he'll just buy insurance if something bad happens to him since it won't cost him anything for pre-existing conditions.  Expecting him to buy insurance now - well, that's irrational math.

Even better are imaginary numbers.  The EPA is currently fining Oil companies for not using an additive that market-wise doesn't exist yet.  For not blending in cellulosic ethanol into their fuels, these companies have been fined $6.8 million.  As the following chart shows, they're no refusing to use it.  It just doesn't exist - its imaginary at this point.

Remember when our parents use to say study, work hard and you can be anything you want someday, even president.  Turns out that studying and working hard was oversold.  I guess we should have started our own Choom gang instead.

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