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Monday, September 3, 2012


Labor is good.  Labor works.  Labor built America.  Labor will meet the challenges of tomorrow.

If only we, the Unions, don't get in the way.

From the words in Genesis, "By the sweat of the brow, you shall eat bread" to the letter of  Paul, "If a man will not work, he shall not eat" whose word were echoed by our early settlers Miles Standish and John Smith, America has been built by the labor of our people.

From our early communities of shared property and limited prosperity, we progressed to a bountiful land of private property and free markets.  Unfortunately, much of that early prosperity was built by a labor that knew no freedom.  But thanks to the spirit of our American ideals, this nation came to fight against the plague of slavery.

But we find a lesson within our darkened past.  Despite all that we know of the evils that lurk within it, our free market economy is the greatest system of prosperity and wealth creation known to man.  But we must remain vigilant that sinful man in his greed is held in check from abusing the lowly station of the common laborer.  The sin of greed lies in the heart of all men, waiting to be released; in both that of the master and of the slave. 

Today we celebrate Labor Day, not for the excess of our unions, but for the work and productivity of our people.  Labor has organized to serve as a counterweight to the worst designs of our masters.  Like a balancing scale, the balance of power requires constant adjustment to maintain an equitable relationship. 

In Washington, many of our union masters fall under the same greed motive as the owners of production.  Despite their actions and words, the true power of labor resides in the heart of the working man.  We are at our best when we can all work together to make America the most productive nation on earth.  That desire must not be overshadowed and distracted by the petty issues of our union leadership.  Labor is much more than the words and desires of a powerful few.

We are Labor.
We are American pride.
We are the American working men & women.
We stand together for a better tomorrow for our families and a better, more united America for your family.
We are Labor.

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