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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ruminations From the Void

*  In a recent post, I quoted Vizzini from "The Princess Bride" film. Apparently I am not alone in my love of that film. Defense Secretary Robert Gates seems to also be a fan. In a talking to a group of West Point cadets, he told them not to fall victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which is "Never get involved in a land war in Asia". It's not known if he mentioned the slightly less famous one: "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line"! [h/t Mark Krikorian, NRO]

*  Please be sure to read my Sunday night post,
A Portrait of Puckeyhuddle. Commenting isn't necessary, but I recommend it. Your feedback would be appreciated. I'm still new at this writing thing.

*  Sometimes, despite all efforts to be persuaded otherwise, politicians really are as bad as many say they are. Ed Morissey at HOTAIR.com has the story on
Ted Kennedy, Party Man. In correspondence with my wife's cousin in Ireland, I noted the rising fortunes of the Sinn Fein party in their recent election, in saying that I wouldn't relish a nation led by the former-IRA terrorist Gerry Adams. But think how close we may have came to electing the "Lion of the Senate" to lead our nation. Adams killed dozens of innocents, and hideous as that is, at the very least his cause was political. When Kennedy allowed Mary Jo Kopechne to drown, his only cause was his own. How many good men and women sit silently as these snakes in the grass are given the reins of leadership? How complicit are we in our own destruction, by our silence? We relinquish the right to complain, when we do not seek to do better.

*  Speaking of not doing better....Qaddafi says aloud, "My people love me", but the thought continues in his own head, "That's why they must be bombed".  That Omar.  He's just a Crazy Third-World Dictator....

*  Speaking of crazy.....AFL-CIO President
Richard Trumka is out of his mind. I couldn't be prouder of Terrance O'Sullivan for breaking the Laborers' International Union of North America from that man's grip. Everytime Trumka speaks, I think fondly of Mr. O'Sullivan.

*  Speaking of raising fuel taxes and thus fuel prices....As fuel prices continue to rise, anyone else think Obama's energy plan is helping. Plan? What plan you ask? Uh, let's see, his plan calls for lots of windmills, electric cars and high-speed trains. Oh, yeah....drilling bans and moratoriums too, increased EPA regs, new mining regs, paying lip service to nuclear power and natural gas. Anything else? Yep, that's right - solar panels. $5.00/gallon gas will be arriving soon. Yay, hope and change!

*  Speaking of hoping for a change.....Charlie Sheen is winning a future that only he can see. I don't know what type of help he needs, but I hope he finds it. I hope he's not too reluctant to look inside a church or a Bible for the help he desperately needs.

*  Speaking of what we need.....Henry Blodget at
Business Insider, provides the following chart to show why America is screwed. If you know nothing about the Federal budget, just understand that this is simply a pie chart of all Federal income and a much larger pie chart of all Federal expenses.

*  Speaking of failure......My Congressman Russ Carnahan (D) won re-election with the slogan Russ Delivers. All I can think is, "STOP! Just stop it Russ". I like new stuff as much as the next person, but look at this chart and stop please. We've been without a functional oven for several weeks now and we are surviving. Whatever you're spending our money on, I'll bet we could do without easier than a family without an oven. Enough is enough! Social Security, medicare, medicaid, unemployment insurance and the debt insurance alone equals the entire Federal revenue before we even start spending anything on defense or discretionary items. Like I tell my kids, "If it isn't absolutely necessary, we're not buying it". Congressman, just keep saying that - make it your new motto. Then use it as your campaign slogan and I might even vote for you.

*  If you have never read Victor Davis Hanson, please read his
take on teachers, from someone who has been there. Here in my part of Missouri, we can easily understand his farming perspective.
*  Missouri-born Frank W. Buckles, The Last American Veteran Of WWI Dies At Age 110.

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