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Friday, September 9, 2011

Come Hither for the Rant (Clothed in Subduedness)

Due to football practice, a union meeting and the football game, I didn't watch President Obama's speech until nearly midnight last night.  I fell asleep throughout it (only 3 hours sleep the night before) but had the feeling that someone had been very rude to the president by continually shouting at him.

I awoke this morning and cued up the speech on the DVR.  Turns out the disrespectful person interrupting the speech was actually Obama shouting, "Pass this bill!"  It was like some awful Baptist* preacher shouting AMEN! after every statement.  What he seems to not understand is that the congregation will shout AMEN! when they are persuaded that what you have said is a true and worthy statement.

Obama's speech had several true and worthy statements.  He spoke of the need to address jobs (AMEN!), how we need to cut regulation (AMEN!), help small businesses (AMEN!), educate children (AMEN!), and lead the world (AMEN!).

But the solutions he would use to address these issues are utterly underwhelming.  To offer such a package is truly an act of treachery. AMEN!)  Treachery is defined as a willful betrayal of fidelity, confidence or trustIf we had a parliamentary system of government, a vote of no confidence would have been taken against this president immediately following this speech.

This new package (Stimulus II:Economic Boogaloo) is just more of what we've already done that has failed spectacularly.  In 2009, we sent an enormous amount of money to states to stop layoffs and meet budgets, rebuild infrastructure, offer small and temporary tax cuts and invest in green technology.  That effort is exactly why we are (I'm so mad I can't see straight) DOOMED!!!  WHAT THE H!!!!!

Sorry, I've been trying to keep myself contained, but I can't.  This is ridiculous.  This is like a bad actor who thinks they're not getting hired because they have bad promo materials.  They're broke, but they think to get a job they need new promo shots, business cards, flyers, etc.  So this actor goes and runs up more debt to buy all this stuff, but it's useless.  No job is coming because they don't see the problem.  Buying an acting lesson may be a worthy investment, but that means admitting that you're not good enough

President Obama can't admit the truth.  Government can't fix this by making all these small changes.  Some of them may be worthy on their own given the right circumstances.  But they don't change the underlying problem - the government has inserted itself into the market place and spooked businesses.  Employers don't want to see a temporary tax credit.  They want to see a long term future without unnecessary regulations and interference in their business.

Gibson, the guitar manufacturer was raided by the Fed and had a supply of rosewood confiscated.  Gibson has some 40 employees who treat and and set the inlays on this rosewood which will become the fretboard on some of their higher end guitars.  The Fed told them that due to some law in India, that work needs to be done overseas.  WHAT THE????  Obama is trying to create (or save) jobs by spending all this money while at the same time, his administration is working to kill jobs with non-American regulations (my mind is about to explode).

Look at the history of economic downturns.  There are two that did not quickly rebound - the Great Depression and now our Great Recession.  Why is that?  The similarity between the two is that the government became overly involved in both.  Some have declared that this was because it was needed.  Most now say this was in fact, the reason why a recovery was delayed.

I can't do this anymore.  I'm TOO FREAKING UPSET!!!  I'm just sick.  This is stupid.  Has the president never read a history book? (AMEN!) Does he not understand math? (AMEN!) Can he not open up a newspaper and read about what is happening in Europe? (AMEN!) Do they not have an economic record of his predecessors in the White House? (AMEN!) Is he oblivious to the hurt and discontent in our nation? (AMEN!) Is he more concerned with his campaign rather than the economy? (AMEN!) Does he not care enough to put aside his politics and do the right thing? (AMEN!)

How any president could make that speech last night is beyond the pale.  As I said earlier, it was an act of treachery.  November 2012 cannot come soon enough. (AMEN!)

*I'm a Baptist minister, so that makes this okay

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