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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Talking Football in the Chaos

Opening weekend of college football had several interesting games.  The upsets, such as South Florida over Notre Dame and Baylor over TCU are always noteworthy.  For me though, I have a tremendous amount of trouble calling early season games "upsets".  With the amount of turnover each year on collegiate teams and the inability to pick-up free agents when a player goes down with an injury, it's very difficult to prognosticate or rank teams before seeing them in competition. 

So if Baylor finishes the season in the top 15 and TCU winds up somewhere outside the top 25, would we consider this an upset.  I hardly think so.  As for Notre Dame, I thought they were ranked far higher than anyone could possibly have felt they deserved based upon on-the-field performance.  I'm not real sure their loss was an upset either.

As for my home state team, the Missouri Tigers, I'm not prepared to make any predictions.  Miami (OH) could be a very good mid-level team, which would make MU's lackluster performance acceptable.  If not, Friday night's game at  Arizone State could be a firm reality check.  The performance of our new QB James Franklin will need to improve, which it should.  Most concerning were the lame, duck-like tosses; maybe jitters, but maybe not.

Starting up this coming week is the NFL and all will be right with the universe.  Just five months of joy remain before I return to my off season funk.  As to what I expect, I have no idea.  I will make just a few predictions.
  • The Rams will win one playoff game
  • Blaine Gabbert will start for the Jags before their fifth game
  • The Colts will miss the playoffs
  • The Cowboys will make the playoffs
  • Drew Brees will miss two games & Chase Daniel will do enough to earn the opportunity to start for Buffalo next year reuniting him with his predecessor at Missouri, Brad Smith
  • Danny Woodhead will make the Jets regret releasing him in the preseason a year ago
  • Alex Smith will not be the answer for the 49ers yet again (Aldon smith will be)
  • Kevin Kolb's performance will continue to make Andy Reid feel good about keeping Mike Vick
  • Brad Smith will throw for at least 5 TD passes
  • Tony Gonzalez will get older and look it
That's all I have for now.  We'll know more after Sunday.  Use the following chart to decide who to root for on Sundays.

On Sunday - Go RAMS!!!
On Friday - Go TIGERS!!!
Also on Friday (High School) - Go DRAGONS!!!

Ya gotta love football...


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