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Friday, September 16, 2011

Where Does Your Arrow Point?

Ever wondered where your political leanings were in the greater scheme of society?  Head over to PoliticalCompass.org and take their test to see where you fall on a political compass graph.  Rather than a simple left/right line measurement, it includes an x-axis authoritarian/libertarian plotting point also.  Click here to take the test.

Here is the result of my test.
I score 5.88 to the right on the economic scale and 0.00 on the social scale.  This feels correct to me.  I've never been drawn to the big Libertarian politics.  I'm for setting good, wide boundary lines for an open playing field, but for enforcing strongly the few rules that I would put in place.

As for the economic scale, it comes as no surprise that I fall well to the right into the conservative/classical liberalism side.  In the studies that formed my opinions and thoughts, I've ready many of the same writers that influenced our Founding Fathers, so to see that my political compass points in much the same direction as theirs is not unexpected.  A few rules, strictly enforced seems to be my guiding thought.

My only gripe is this - my belief in few rules, but strictly enforced is in the middle of the social axis, then why shouldn't a belief in few rules, but strictly enforced be in the middle of the economic axis also.  I find it sad that it is not.

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