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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

*** Grand Opening & First Post ***

This is the first official post on Sam's Taste of Chaos.  At this point no one is actually paying attention, so I can pretty much say whatever I feel like.  It's the sort of freedom that allows you to run around the house in your underwear when nobody else is home.  Well except for the fact that items on the internet live forever.  So I guess that would make it like you're running around the house in your underwear and no one is there to see you, but there is camera recording you the entire time that anyone in the world can view with an internet connection.

With that, I suppose I will behave my self and continue onward.

This blog exists for a couple of reasons. 
1.  I like to write.
2.  I like for people to read what I write.

Simple enough, huh?  I was surviving with Facebook for a while, then Twitter, but finally realized that I often needed more than 140 characters to express myself properly.  As this venue is different from the social networks, I will attempt to refrain from any proliferated use of emoticons or such, but do not hold me to that should Mizzou win a national championship.

Much of what I write will be political and/or spiritual, but don't worry because I will still have a fair amount of gibberish and gobbledygook.  And no, Gibberish and Gobbledygook are not Scottish poets.  At least, not to my knowledge....


  1. I like your blog already Sam. What interests me at this point, and it's hard for my tiny little mind to fully grasp the mechanics involved, is evolving into a resource based planet as opposed to monetary based countries. The resources are certainly there for us all to have more than we could want. With out profit being the goal imagine the technological leap, reduction in crime and reduction in laws themselves as greed, and therefore corruption, is all but gone. I'll leave it at that as your smart enough to see the chain reaction.

    This is my problem with patriotism in general, we are separating ourselves from others, no different than racism to me. I am thankful for this nations forefather and our freedom, it was a starting point, but we done f'ed it up at this point. Instead of evolving the idea and way of life we focused on building a country based on a monetary system that, in its own design, is made to fail. I mean how can we pay interest even? We can't.

    And what is a democracy, I'm not even sure. 8 or more hours a day, 5 or more days a week most of us are under the rule of a dictator.
    This sucks typing on a phone but you see where I'm going with this. And I'm aware that for a resource system to work there must be further individual enlightenment on a mass scale, ultimately letting go of fear and ego. So I don't expect it to happen in the next 2500 years with out some form of devasting global disaster.
    Sorry to move so far off subject. But when I even start to think about todays politics I literally become nauseous, even today we have the technology for even the homeless to vote and we should be voting daily on every issue, no middle men, no lobbyist, no b.s. language of law...just plain written english and a vote cast by all who wish to use that right. Your thoughts, ideas?

  2. Our monetary system is simply a stand in valuation for resources to allow the efficient exchange of such. Without money we would be back trying to exchange a bunch of bananas for a quart of oiL.

    As to our system of govt, it's the worst except for every other system. Without allowing private propert rights and an open market for the free exchange of resources (money) there cannot be peace and liberty. A representative democracy may not be perfect but is necessary to temper the passion of the masses. Yet it still allows us an ability to participate in the process.

    I have a few more thoughts on how to improve or more perfect what we have that I will post later.