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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ruminations From the Void

First things first, I hope that the GOP will not let that aardvark bully them around.  Arthur and his muppet buddies at Sesame Street are big time stars who can demand Pujols money from the private sector.  Big Bird and Kermit should realize that as big movie stars, what they're making in the public realm is peanuts compared to what's waiting for them on the outside.  Oscar has known about this, but never had any luck making the move.  That's why he's so grouchy.  Morgan Freeman and Spiderman got out years ago and never looked back.  I think I even saw Fraggle Rock hanging out with Cee-Lo on Sunday.  Fly Big Bird, fly and be free...

Apparently President Obama likes his new budget, which takes a $13 trillion deficit and manages to turn that into $26 trillion, so much that he can't wait to begin the lies.  As he contends that the government has to put away the credit card just like families, he states that his budget stops spending more than it takes in.  Well, with one minor exception - he's forgetting to count the interest on the debt.  If only we families could ignore interest payments in order to balance our budget.  Unfortunately, deficits never go under $600 billion for any year in the budget.  Maybe we should place an asterick over his shoulder permanently, so we know to look at the fine print to see what he really means.  Ace has a Fletch approved take on this.

While we are talking about the budget, thanks go out to Florida's Governor Scott.  The Fed came down with some $$ for a high-speed rail line and he politely said, "No thanks".  The more governors who decline to spend our tax dollars foolishly the better.  But there will come a tipping point when the states with good conservative governors are funding all these stupid projects in the other states that will gladly accept the money.  Perhaps, then we can repeal the 17th amendment and allow the states some say in what happens in Washington.  For many, it's just too hard to walk away when someone is shoving the Benjamins into your pockets.

Black-eyed Peas at the Super Bowl two weeks ago, the Grammy Awards this past Sunday, the Justin Bieber Experience on Glee this week - what's coming for us this weekend?  I did buy my wife tickets to see Bon Jovi for Valentine's Day.  I was close to buying the $1400 VIP package, but I was afraid that life with me would begin to pale in comparison.  Cheaps seats it is.

Speaking of the beautiful Dawn, she and I finally watched the new Robin Hood movie from Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.  It had its moments, it was a little slow at times and the re-imagining of the plot was not a casual change.  But it was nice to see the boys of Mystery, Alaska all together one more time, although I kept waiting to see Burt Reynolds pop out during the big fight scene to yell at his son one more time.

Just Dance 2 on the WII is very addictive.  Don't start - you won't stop.

The temperature hit 70 degrees yesterday...well, at least that is what I heard.  Unfortunately, I was lost in the IRS Matrix, doing my best to avoid any potential agents.  Perhaps my time might have been more productive if I hadn't spent 6 hours as a taxslayer, wielding my mighty sword online.  Surely a tax-code overhaul would yield some measure of stimulation to the economy.  Paul Ryan - Mr. President.  Mr. President - Paul Ryan.  Introductions over, now let's get to work.

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