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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ruminations from the Void

Not a teacher
First, I would just like to apologize to anyone who was offended by my post wherein I may have compared teachers to Jason Vorhees.  The comparison was not meant literally, with the exception of one teacher in particular, and she knows who she is (right, Mrs. Applebaum?).  It was only a metaphor.  Still, I would not tempt fate by taking a school field trip to Camp Crystal Lake anytime soon.

Two issues that won't help the public unions.  McIver Institute estimates that the protests have cost the state $9 million.  Also a scandal is developing because several doctors were writing fake sick excuse slips for protestors.  These slips enable workers to be paid while not working.  Where does my union sign up for the benefit where management pays us to strike against management? (h/t Gateway Pundit)

I'm thoroughly enjoying "Omar's Krazy Komedy Show".  If anyone needed it, Colonel Qaddafi is showing us how the term "crazy third world dictator" came into being.  FDR had his Fireside Chats, Qaddafi has his Umbrella Talks.  I can only imagine what other youtube videos exist that involve an umbrella and the front seat of a van, but something tells me they are will not often be made by heads of state.  Although, Qaddafi may not be the head of state since he concluded that he had no position from which to resign.  Check out Allahpundit at HotAir for more.  Real question is why is he still just a Colonel?  I think if I was going to live in a militant dictatorship I would want a General leading it.  Now all I can think of is Woody Allen in Bananas.

Did anyone watch Chuck last night?  I think Peggy was killed in the first scene.  You know..."Hello, this is Peggy with Prime Credit" but it's a bearded Russian man.  It's good to see his successful transition from a 30 second commercial to a 45 second TV appearance where he's killed off immediately.  It's like making it onto Star Trek's Enterprise crew, but you have no name and are immediately volunteered to shuttle down to a strange unknown planet.  "Come in, Enterprise, Crewman #2 is down...I repeat...Crewman #2 is down."

Running away from your problems is never the answer.  It solves nothing and simply makes the problem worse while those you left behind are forced to act.  So, no matter the issue, if you are an elected official who belongs to the minority party, please call for help.  Don't run out on your constituents, because the truth is, you need them more than they need you.  Just listen to this recent Wisconsin based runaway Tim Cullen, "I didn't run for Senate to spend the rest of my life in Illinois."  We're here to help.  Please call today.

Going in to work at 3pm as everyone else is leaving, the sun is shining and spring is in the air, is the absolute worst part of my job. 

For my fellow Cardinal fans out there, don't rush to judgement on Albert Pujols yet.  While he may have chosen not to sign an offer from the Cards, he is still under contract and has expressed a desire to remain in St. Louis.  The chance of him resigning after the season is high.  Over the past 10 years, no player in baseball has been more underpaid that Albert, so is it wrong for him to expect this contract to compensate him for those years as well?  As long as he ultimately signs a 10 yr contract for less than $300 million and he continuews to produce consistently, at the end of the contract he will underpaid again.  That said, the Cards will not go broke with him or without him and Albert will be well paid no matter where he signs.  With Albert, the Cards are happy.  Without Albert, $30 million a year opens up a lot of cash for some new pitching.  Win - Win.

Yesterday was, of course, President's Day.  I will save my usual diatribe on the washing out of our history by celebrating one day for all rather than just the birthdays of notable Presidents. Suffice it to say that today is Washington's birthday which was what we celebrated when I was a child.  A new Gallup poll rates Ronald Reagan as the greatest president in history.  My favorite MSNBC psychopath, Chris Matthews was visibly angered by this.  Newsbusters has the video.  Naturally, I have no problem with the poll, but if we didn't persist in trying to erase the past, these polls may come out differently.  C'mon, would celebrating Washington's birthday really be unfair to Jimmy Carter?

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