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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Really, Claire!!!

As some of you may know, the US House of Representatives voted to repeal the healthcare law passed a year ago (Obamacare).  Repeal passed by a larger margin than the vote to pass it last year and it came without all the drama and games that surrounded that vote.  Despite efforts to avoid it, the Senate voted yesterday on an Obamacare repeal measure which failed by a vote of 47 - 51.

Both then and today, more Americans oppose Obamacare and feel it should be repealed.  26 states have taken the Federal government to court over it.  In my state of Missouri, a ballot measure was passed in August last year to deny the Federal government authority to enforce the individual mandate contained in the law.  The individual mandate had previously been declared unconstitutional by a judge in Virginia.  Now this week, the entire law was thrown out as unconstitutional in a lower court ruling in Florida by Judge Roger Vinson.  Despite all this, not one single Senate Democrat voted to repeal yesterday.  My Senator, Claire McCaskill went against 71% of her constituents to vote against repeal. 

So with our best Seth Meyer impersonation, SAMSTOC brings you:

REALLY!!! with Sam Ritter

Really, Claire!
You have now voted twice for a healthcare law that Americans don't want.

Really, Claire!!
With unemployment sky high, you voted to keep this new healthcare law that is so bad for businesses that over 700 waivers have been issued exempting them from its provisions.

Really, Claire!!!
Despite two court rulings, you felt it best to represent the people of Missouri by voting a second time for this unconstitutional law.

Really, Claire!!!!
When 71% of your fellow Missourian voted against this healthcare law in August last year, you decided that they just "don't realize" how great it is and disregarded their wishes by voting for it again.

Really, Claire!!!!!
And still, even though you now disapprove of the individual mandate, you couldn't find the backbone to vote against your party and side with the voters of Missouri by voting to repeal this unconstitutional healthcare law.


It's time for Claire to go.  Really.

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