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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Poll Thingy

We have added a weekly poll feature to Sam's Taste of Chaos.  I cannot swear that each poll will cover such important topics as our very first one.  I mean, it's easy to find relevant and vital questions in the beginning, but surely we will soon be picking topics at random with little thought as to their significance.  While we know the worst is to come, let us address this week's poll with the utmost seriousness.

If we were to begin providing quotes on this page, would you rather read a quote from Darth Vader, Mr. T, myself or none of the above?  Please be sure to give the matter your prompt consideration.  Do not take it lightly as much will ride on this decision. 

I promise in the future to offer some lighter topics in the poll, but today is not that day.  Please give this matter the full due diligence that it deserves.  As we await the results, be sure to keep your eye out for those public union flash mobs.  From what I've seen on youtube, their singing seems off-pitch and the choreography is simply terrible.

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