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Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Groundhog Day! (well, it was yesterday)

Yesterday, of course was Groundhog Day.  After working from 11pm on Tuesday to 3pm yesterday, I didn't feel much like blogging when I finally made it home.  What I did do, was what I do every Feb. 2nd.  I forced the beautiful Dawn to endure another screening of "Groundhog Day".  Despite the many wonderful aspects of this movie, she has failed to see its glory.  Over at National Review, Jonah Goldberg each year links to his 2005 review of the movie  which is also on National Review's Top Conservative Movies of the last 25 years.  

As I sat watching the movie with my wife, she said that Groundhog Day was being repeated as a marathon all day and she had already seen most of it earlier.  First, I would like to say that back-to-back-to-back repeated viewings of Groundhog Day is quite apropos.  This movie is really the only one for which a marathon is an actual statement about the content of the film.

But it also led me to realize that we have a true dearth of good groundhog or Groundhog Day based movies.  I used twitter to raise awareness of Hollywood's failure last night, but I'm not sure that Hollywood is listening.  So in the meantime I thought I would see if anyone knows of any other groundhog themed movies.  (Caddyshack? - that's a gopher)  So if you know of any, the beautiful Dawn would really like to hear about it, because she's really tired of living the same day over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over......

1st person to comment will win the opportunity to watch "Groundhog Day" with us next year!


  1. Groundhog Day is a definitely a super marathon movie!! Glad I am not the only one who watches it every year! I actually saw it about 7 times in the theater when it came out years and years and years ago.. but that was when a movie only cost me $3...

  2. Congratulations to Etta. She is the winner of our first contest here at #STOC and will be spending February 2nd in my home watching Groundhog Day with the beautiful Dawn and me.

    But I still need to know about any other groundhog movies, please.