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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Give Up, Al Gore! Now Make It Stop Snowing.

As I sit at work and watch it snow yet again, I had a thought.  Can we Anthropogenic Global Warming “deniers” declare defeat, proclaim Al Gore the winner, congratulate him on his overwhelming success in defeating AGW, give him a prize for his work in restoring ‘balance’ to the earth and then shuttle him and his merry little band of do-gooders off to the next global crisis?  Could that work?

Unfortunately, I don’t put too much hope in my plan.  The Goracle, being able to see the writing on the wall, has dropped the ‘warming’ verbiage and now preaches against the scourge of Climate Change.  This of course means that as long as the seasons change, the green mafia will be with us.  I just wish it was as funny as it sounds.

The Green cures for our world are many – Cap & Trade, investments in green energy (perhaps we should look into that blue energy on “V”), higher oil prices, higher CAFÉ standards, high-speed rail and even allowing the EPA to regulate the air we breathe.  In attempting to do something, even anything that might work, they fail to see that the cure is worse than the sickness.  In fact, the patient may just be a hypochondriac.

The actual science on our atmosphere and climate has been hijacked by groups who are not very interested or knowledgeable in the science.  Several of these groups have an agenda that has little to do with real science.  These ‘watermelon’ (green on the outside, red on the inside) groups use the green label as cover to impose their economic agendas.  Scientists, who have no specific knowledge in weather or climate, willingly sign their name to petitions to give them credence.  But when properly pedigreed scientists make statements contrary to this unanimity, they are shouted down as unscientific deniers.

To show how off base we have been led, it must be noted that the primary culprit in the Anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change theory is carbon dioxide.  As MIT Professor of Meteorology, Richard S. Lindzen, in a Wall Street Journal article pointed out, “…the main greenhouse substances in the earth's atmosphere are water vapor and high clouds….Even a doubling of CO2 would only upset the original balance between incoming and outgoing radiation by about 2%.”

Recent controversies surrounding the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have began to raise doubt in the public’s mind.  Computer models have proven useless in predicting future climate patterns in the short term.  One of the best illustrations of Chaos Theory is the butterfly effect which says that if a computer model to predict weather has all of the data inputted correctly save for one butterfly beating his wings, it will soon be useless.  The effects of that missing information may not be seen at first, but the further into the future, its ability to predict will break down as the effects of that butterfly are amplified throughout the system.  Climatologists now have their anti-Chaos Theory that wants us to believe that even though their predictions have failed to foresee today’s events, their predictions will be more accurate for tomorrows.  One can only speculate how far off their predictions will be in the decades to come.

But even if they were correct, I repeat that the cures are worse than the sickness.  In an appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live, Lindzen said

“…at the heart of it, we're talking of a few tenths of a degree change in temperature. None of it in the last eight years, by the way. ….. But because the temperature itself is so unspectacular, we have developed all sorts of fear of prospect scenarios -- of flooding, of plague, of increased storminess when the physics says we should see less.  I think it's mainly just like little kids locking themselves in dark closets to see how much they can scare each other and themselves…..I think future generations are not going to blame us for anything except for being silly, for letting a few tenths of a degree panic us. And I think nobody is arguing about whether our climate is changing. It's always changing.”
For the Anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change green provocateurs, the science doesn’t matter.  The science is simply an excuse to do what they want.  They declared the debate over before the debate began so they could avoid having any debate at all.  Rather than continue to reason in the face of the unreasonable, let us say to Al Gore, “Good job”.  As the climate change piles up outside my window, we congratulate you on bringing awareness to the masses and defeating the evil Global Warming.  Your work is finished and you can walk away tall.  Now walk away….and shovel the sidewalk on your way out.

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